Falling for Her Fake Date

I’m not the girlfriend type. I like to do my life my own way.
Coming up with marketing and design ideas for my jewelry business is where my true passion lies. I’m good with that, even though my parents are not.
I love my town, my job, and my life.
When my best friend’s brother needs a favor, I’m in the perfect place to help him out.
So I agree to be his fake date to his grandmother’s birthday party.
He’s cute. It might be fun.

Things couldn’t be going worse for me. My ex is taking half my paycheck for alimony. I’m bitter and angry about everything.
The tiny garage apartment I live in is a constant reminder of my failed marriage.
My grandmother just almost died. And now she demands that I bring a date to her birthday party.
I meet my sister’s friend and ask her to be my fake date on a whim.
When she says yes, I almost tell her to forget it. But now she’s my only option.